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Flox Partners is a new dawn in consulting services to leasing companies.

Our experts have long-term practical experience in the management of leasing companies.

We offer solutions to specific problems, helping owners and executives to achieve their targets.

With Flox partners you get the key to the most effective practical experience in leasing.


Eventually every leasing company needs to deal with process automation. Each company solves this problem independently and in the majority of cases learns from the mistakes made. Our experts can help you to systemise process automation, to determine the phases and timeframes, to select the most appropriate IT supplier, and to accompany you throughout the entire project, thus saving you time and money.

  • Your target is to cut costs but to keep your service quality at the highest level – speed, diligence, professionalism
  • Your business is growing faster than you have the internal capacity to recruit staff
  • You need to improve the quality of your back office services

Our experts have significant experience in the back office of leasing companies, and they can help you to solve these problems.
They have extensive knowledge in leasing in general, are able to make all calculations in a timely fashion: initial payment schedule, different types of rescheduling (partial redemption, change in tenure or contract amount) taking into consideration seasonality or annuity, early redemption.

Regardless of whether the leasing company is newly formed or has been working for some time on the market, the optimisation of internal processes and the organisational structure helps to bring the company to a new level. This can be achieved by improving the efficiency of every department and employee, increasing the processing speed of queries/information within the company, cost optimisation, mentoring, transferring best practices, improving team morale.

The accountancy department is always under stress, accountants cannot meet the deadlines, financial reports can be late, and other departments believe that all the problems that arise are caused by the accountancy department.

We can help you to change this situation by analysing the work of your financial unit, and how it liaises with other company departments. We can make an analysis of the accounting principles used, and based on all this data we can optimise the work of your financial unit – making the necessary changes and improving liaison with other departments.

It is no secret that one of the main assets of a leasing company is the leased asset itself. Information about the condition of the leased asset helps to manage the risk of non-payments and the risk of leased asset remarketing with a price lower than expected. Not every company can afford to maintain the required staffing level to systematically conduct an inventory of leased assets and have the required professional knowledge to assess the technical condition of the leased asset. Our professionals with extensive technical knowledge can promptly and professionally perform an inspection of your leased assets both on the lessee site and at the lessor’s warehouse in case of repossession.

Your company, in accordance with internal regulations, systematically conducts an inventory of leased assets both on the lessee’s site and at the lessor’s warehouse in case of repossession. But there is a good proverb related to this: “Trust, but verify!”. Our experts can take necessary steps to confirm the results of the previously conducted inventory by your company’s employees.

  • You plan to start accounting under IFRS, but want to avoid the mistakes made by most leasing companies.
  • You do not have a staff member possessing the necessary skills and knowledge of IFRS.
  • You doubt that your IFRS accounting is correct, or you think that adjustments are necessary.

Our experts have extensive practical knowledge of IFRS, and they can help you to determine the best accounting option under IFRS for your company: parallel or transformation. Depending on the chosen option, they can set up the accounting.

Our experts can also help you if IFRS reports are required 1-4 times a year – we can do it for you on the basis of managerial and accounting data.

We all want our company to be an ideal structure with working procedures described clearly and in full. But the reality is that there is never enough time to put it on paper, and this issue is constantly postponed “until later”. To change this situation, our professionals with the necessary practical skills can conduct a survey of key people in your company and in the shortest period provide a report on the business processes, thus simplifying the understanding of working principles for your experienced and new staff. This is also a benefit when audits or other company evaluations are performed.

Being a financial institution, the collection ratio is one of the most important items for a leasing company. It is an indicator of the “health” of the leasing portfolio. Prevention is always better than cure. We offer our clients a comprehensive debt management service: informing the client about an upcoming payment, informing the client about a short-term debt and taking measures in case the debt is overdue by more than 30 days.

Growing a business in modern Russia is like crossing the ocean on a small boat. You never know what can bring on a new wave, how soon the storm will subside, and how long the smooth sailing will last. We have years of experience in providing legal assistance, and a sound knowledge of all the nuances of Russian legislation, enabling us to solve the most complex of cases. This and our high level of professionalism guarantee successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We provide the following services for legal entities in different fields of law:

  • Russian law services
  • Foreign and international law services
  • Arbitration practice

By entrusting the protection of your interests to experts, you can be sure that your company is meeting all legal requirements.

Although the leasing business is not controlled by the government like, for example, the banking sector, it has its own rules and standards, the violation of which leads to risks. The management and control of these risks is compliance. The scope of compliance includes countering the laundering of money received through criminal activities and financing terrorism; drafting documents and procedures to ensure compliance with the law of the company’s activities; the protection of information; fraud and corruption management, establishing ethical standards of conduct for employees, etc. Our experts can help you to understand whether the monitoring system in your company is set-up and working correctly, if you are meeting the requirements of legislation, and if not to help you to mitigate this problem as soon as possible.

A comprehensive appraisal of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer, especially to determine its assets and liabilities and evaluate its commercial potential.


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